DUI Lawyer Marketing

DUI Lawyer Marketing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwcN-3w8-G4

Hi, this is Steve Sleeper, and I have a great advertising and marketing concept for DUI lawyers. The terrific marketing concept is placing your Google My Business directory site listing on page one of Google. With Google My Business, individuals place a call from that web page one listing. They google DUI lawyer, and they see the three pack of listings on web page one. They click any kind of, or all the listings, read the testimonials and call based upon the reviews as well as telephone number, skipping web sites. What’s even more, Google wants its properties on web page one, so I give them what they want.

I recently checked out DUI lawyer in just one of the marketplaces where I have a client. There were only 3 places of 22 available for internet sites. So, it’s rather hard to place your website on page one. I’m not going to say it’s very easy to place you in the page one three pack. Yet, it’s a better possibility. I develop geo-relevance for you to move your Google My Business directory on web page one. That’s the short story and also here’s the deal – you do not need to begin paying me till I get your listing on page one for your marketplace.

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